All About Pet Ferrets

Ferrets are very curious and playful animals.  If you are missing something, chances are that your little ferret friend has hidden it somewhere.  Be patient with them they come by this naturally as their name in Latin means “thief”.

Pet Ferrets such as the Black-footed Ferrets, make wonderful companions.  They are very playful and will give you lots of hours of happiness watching them tossing and turning about and playing like little puppies.  Make sure you give them lots of toys to play with to occupy their curious disposition.  This might help to keep them from running off with your “personal” items.  Ferrets body temperature drops when they sleep so they enjoy a warm heating pad from time to time.

Pet Ferrets get very lonely and do much better if they are with another ferret.  They are not willing to share their territory with other ferrets of the same sex, so it is best when you chose a pair, they are of the opposite sex.

You have a few choices of color when you are looking for your pet ferrets.  You can choose ones that are brown, grey and black or white or pale yellow with black eyes.  They can also be found in white with pink eyes.  These are absolutely the cutest things ever!

To keep your pet ferrets healthy, you will need to have your ferrets spayed or neutered before they reach their sexual maturity.  The females can get aplastic anemia and die a horrible death if they are not spayed or if they do not mate prior to this. It is also advisable to have your pet ferrets descented.  This will help with the odor and also help them to live longer.  A litter box will be needed for them to use in the bottom of their cage.  You will also need to have them checked annually and get their annual shots.

A cage or playpen is advisable for your pet ferrets.  They need to have plenty of room to jump and play, but they also need to have a good place to relax and sleep.  There are lots of different types of cages available.

Make sure that you have water available for your pet ferrets.  If you have a pet water fountain, keep it outside of their cage to help keep the cage dry.  When they are inside their cage, you will want to have a water bottle attached to their cage.

If prepared ahead of time, having pet ferrets can be an absolute joy.  Do your research and then love them like they were one of your kids and then you will be in for years of enjoyment.

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